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"Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers"

Critically acclaimed veteran photographer Ricardo Scipio is releasing his most provocative and controversial work yet- "The Sex Goddess Project"  A 244 page book of real women celebrating sex in an authentic and unapologetic way.

"If Sexual images were food," Scipio goes on to say, "people are inundated with cheap junk food. I wanted to create a body of work that offers something more nutritious and satisfying for the health conscious more discerning palette." In 'The Sex Goddess Project' Scipio presents the viewer with rich unscripted images of empowered women in intimate acts of unbounded sex and sexuality with their chosen partners.

In this, his sixth book, Scipio's lens intimately and unobtrusively bares witness and conjures a style both natural and unencumbered. His intention, to discredit prudish dogma and place sexual power firmly in the hands of the women he photographs, is an unequivocal rebuke of the porn industry.

In our millennial image obsessed era where intimacy has been traded for aloof technological anonymous romance, this photographic artist pushes a message of the joy-fulness of sex, attempting to re-engage a notoriously disengaged audience saturated with artificial & unrealistic imagery.

Ricardo Scipio, a Trinidadian raised in Toronto began a love affair with cameras and women during his ten years as a fashion photographer. Disenchanted by a standard of beauty in the industry hostile to  women of colour and women with realistic-sized bodies, Scipio began telling his stories through film. He wrote & directed three independent feature films while developing a reputation for publishing photographic books of women of unconventional beauty; His Goddess Projects. Committing to featuring women of colour and larger women won him critical acclaim and a deep-seeded purpose to push back long established boundaries.

The common thread running through the work is a tangible beauty of spirit Scipio intrinsically seems to capture with etherial warmth. The seeds of the Sex Goddess book were starting to germinate while shooting women nude for Goddess Project Books One and Two. Taken aback,  when on two occasions his subjects- aged 70 and 53, turned his sessions into self pleasuring. Says Scipio, " The very state of being naked for some women is erotic & sensual but prior to Sex Goddess Project I didn’t understand that it was me who was repressing how the subject should portray her sexuality, in wanting to keep my work non-sexual and out of the realm of porn. To achieve my goal of being supportive of how my model wishes to show or assert herself intimately, I had to question my own boundaries and embrace sex in my photography. Women have for too long and in too many cultures had their sexuality suppressed only to be pseudo-released within the stiflingly unkind world of porn. I’m extremely humbled and proud to provide a vehicle for women to unapologetically express themselves with love and authenticity; something porn cannot offer. Sex is way too important to leave in the hands of pornographers”

Refusing to be idle when inspired, Scipio is seeking Women of All Colours In Canada or Who Can Visit Canada, to photograph for The Sex Goddess Project Book Two. Interested candidates can email him directly at

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