"Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers"- ricardo scipio 2016

ricardo scipio

The Sex Goddess Project

My Sex Goddess project is a celebration of women of all shapes, sizes, colours and ages, expressing their sexuality in an authentic and unapologetic way. The project isn't porn or erotica, it's something different.

I've learned that it's not that important or even interesting to photograph anyone's exterior—no matter how pretty or dazzling that surface might be. It's a person's energy—their inner light that makes for great photographs.

My name is ricardo scipio. I was born in Trinidad 51 years ago and grew up in Toronto. I have been in love with cameras since I was 14. I became a fashion photographer when I was 20; after ten years I became bored of clothes, make-up and hair, and made the switch to a fine art nude photographer. For 23 years I did gallery shows and books of my Goddess nudes, in natural landscapes and in colour.  I also became a film director and screenwriter in 1997; I have written seven scripts and directed three independent fictional feature films.

I want people to be moved and inspired on seeing the joy, freedom, intimacy, and lack of shame in this work. If photographs are like food, then when it comes to sexual photography, people have been generally exposed to pure junk food. Here in this project is a healthy, organic, home-made meal that I hope people will savour. I believe in giving people good nutrition.

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Refusing to be idle when inspired, Scipio is seeking Women of All Colours and Sizes In Canada or Who Will Visit Canada,  to photograph for The Sex Goddess Project Book Two. Interested candidates can email him directly at
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